Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

2017年9月5日.S. Department of Homeland Security began a phase out of the DACA program. For more details about this decision, see the full announcement. 

Listed below are the steps to enroll at PTC.

1. 申请入学

Select one of the following application methods:

Please Note: PTC is currently discouraging DACA recipients from choosing majors in the Health Science, Nursing and Public Service divisions because workplace testing requirements and background checks will make securing employment in these fields difficult, 如果不是不可能的话, 对于一个不是美国公民的人.S. citizen. Based on current South Carolina law (June 2014), DACA students are unable to obtain certifications and state licenses that are required for these majors. 

2.  Submit the following official documentation to the Admissions Office

  • 就业授权卡
  • “Valid for Work Only” Social Security Card

These documents will be verified through the federal SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) program to confirm your eligibility for enrollment at PTC.  

3. 提交成绩单

一旦你的申请被提交, you must submit an official copy of your high school transcript or GED and any college transcripts. All applicants are required to have official transcripts sent to 澳博app. Transcripts may be delivered by mail, email or in person. If 亲自送达 笔录必须密封. If 邮件发送, the transcripts must come directly from the academic institution. Please review the following for more specific transcript submission details.

  • All 正式大学成绩单 should be submitted to the student records office. 
    • 电子邮件提交:
    • Mail Submissions: Attn: Student Records, P.O. 格林伍德市29648号1467号箱
  • All 正式高中成绩单 and GED Transcripts should be submitted to the Admissions Office. Contact the issuing institution to have copies sent to Piedmont Tech.

Note: Although PTC prefers your official transcript for more accurate course placement, the college will accept a copy of your High School/GED diploma as verification in lieu of the official transcript for Admission purposes. Note that an official transcript may still be required to receive certain forms of financial aid.

If you completed high school outside the United States, please contact the Admissions Office about required documentation.

If you completed college/university coursework outside of the United States, your transcripts must be evaluated by a NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) member evaluator.  A list of agencies can be found at

4. 参加磋商/注册

New students need to meet with an Enrollment Advisor to discuss career goals and register for classes. Your acceptance letter to the college has a link to book your appointment. 在你们的谈话之后, you'll register for classes and receive a printed schedule and a statement for tuition and fees.


  • In choosing a major, please be aware completing certain programs may extend beyond two years. Also, certain programs in Health Science and Public Service may require additional State certification and background check that could present some challenges in securing employment.
  • 参加培训项目. Our new student orientation will provide you with the information you need to make your college experience a positive one. Click here for more details about our live and online options. 
  • Obtain your PTC Identification Card. ID Card & 停车标签资料在此.
  • Purchase your books and supplies at the PTC Campus Shop or online at Books are also available for purchase at any County Campus.  请核对日期和时间.
  • Pay your tuition and fees by the assigned deadline to avoid being dropped from classes.  请注意,作为DACA接受者, you are not eligible for state or federal financial aid, 包括佩尔助学金, lottery, loans, etc. DACA recipients must also pay the out-of-state tuition rate. See the Financial Aid section of the website for complete information on tuition and fees. We do encourage you to seek other private scholarships to assist with tuition costs.
  • DACA计划是新的, and how the state of South Carolina interprets this program is subject to change. Furthermore, immigration reform is constantly under discussion, so DACA students should stay up to date about their rights and obligations as this area of law continues to evolve.


Need help?

到我们的任何一家 七个校区,或者直接给我们打电话. The main admissions office is located on the 格林伍德学校.

Room 101B, 格林伍德学校Phone: (864) 941-8369