Requesting Pregnancy Accommodations

In order to receive accommodations, a student who is pregnant or has recently given birth must complete the Title IX 怀孕了 Student Accommodation Request Form. The student should complete the form as soon as she knows that she is pregnant. Once submitted, the completed form will automatically be routed to the College’s SDS Counselor. The SDS Counselor will then meet with the student to discuss request and will relay information to the student’s instructor(s).

Speaking with your instructor is not the same as setting up accommodations with the SDS Counselor. Once the SDS Counselor has notified your instructor(s), ongoing communication between student and instructor is critical.

After the student has returned from a pregnancy-related absence, the instructor(s) shall communicate to the student all coursework required to be completed, a preferred method for making up this work, and a time frame for work to be completed. Regular communication from the student is critical to ensure that appropriate faculty and staff are aware of her needs so that appropriate accommodations can be made.

If the student wants a grade of “Incomplete” to be recorded for a course, she must complete any process and documentation that is required by her academic program and her instructor. The time to complete course work must be consistent with the College Academic Policy related to an “Incomplete” in place at the time the request is made.

Refunds for classes are NOT part of Title IX accommodations.